March’s monthly review

I wasn’t actually going to upload a monthly review for this month until about a week ago really honestly I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to write them anymore and to be honest I had be debating it for a few weeks now. Until like I said about a week ago I was feeling … Continue reading March’s monthly review

Meaning of family

My definition of what family means -I remember when I was in school and we would get asked ‘what is the meaning of family’ and we would get told what the actual definition of family is and all of the students in the classroom would have a discussion on the meaning and everyone would have … Continue reading Meaning of family

Moving onto a new year

Happy new year !! I have gone over my last year and my decade and reviewed what I have achieved within the year and the decade. I hope you enjoy reading about my year and decade !!

Mystery blogger award 1 & 2

Brand new blog post, I have been awarded two myself blogger awards so I wrote them both up in one blog post and nominated who I thought deserved one. Keep reading to find out if you have been nominated this !!

Self-care plan

We should all take some time out of ours days to practise some self-care on ourselves because we spend so much time helping everyone else and looking after others we forget about ourselves a lot of the time or some people think it's selfish to look after themselves. It's only in the last few months … Continue reading Self-care plan

July review

I haven’t actually done one of these before, but a lot of my other follows do these reviews and I love reading what people have achieved within the month. Also by me doing these monthly reviews it allows me to see what I’ve achieved in the month and it’s something I can look back at … Continue reading July review

Sunshine blogger award

Sunshine blogger award #1I was nominated for the sunshine blogging award twice over the last couple of days in which I have received different questions for both of the nominations. The first sunshine blogging award comes from @jaazsaunders , go over and check her blog here I am so thankful for the nomination as it … Continue reading Sunshine blogger award

Versatile awards

I got awarded my first award since starting my blogging journey, so I explained the award and nominated some bloggers of my own !! I hope you enjoy reading x

Anxiety !!

Do you know what Anxiety is ? Well if you don’t then carry on reading this blog post to learn more. I hope you enjoy reading !!