April monthly review

This is going to be a slightly different monthly review for quite a few reasons really. I think with everything going on in the world right now our old norm is a new norm which we are having to try and accept at the moment which can be quite difficult and I think this why … Continue reading April monthly review

Meaning of family

My definition of what family means -I remember when I was in school and we would get asked ‘what is the meaning of family’ and we would get told what the actual definition of family is and all of the students in the classroom would have a discussion on the meaning and everyone would have … Continue reading Meaning of family

Moving onto a new year

Happy new year !! I have gone over my last year and my decade and reviewed what I have achieved within the year and the decade. I hope you enjoy reading about my year and decade !!

Mystery blogger award 1 & 2

Brand new blog post, I have been awarded two myself blogger awards so I wrote them both up in one blog post and nominated who I thought deserved one. Keep reading to find out if you have been nominated this !!

Christmas 2019 🎄

Tell all on my Christmas 2019 from my Christmas Eve to my Christmas Day, all details including Christmas presents to the Christmas dinner.

Why i named my blog ‘Time to talk’ ?

Why I called my blog ‘Time to talk’ ? I’ve never really spoken about why I called my blog what I did, so I thought I would take the opportunity to go into detail why I did call it what I did. Hope everyone enjoys reading 💗

Self-care plan

We should all take some time out of ours days to practise some self-care on ourselves because we spend so much time helping everyone else and looking after others we forget about ourselves a lot of the time or some people think it's selfish to look after themselves. It's only in the last few months … Continue reading Self-care plan

Carrot cake recipe

My blog seems to be having a more varied type of blog posts, I wanted to experiment with different sorts of blog posts to see what type of content my audience wanted. As you know my blog seems to have a lot of mental health and the voice type of blog posts but I asked … Continue reading Carrot cake recipe

First driving lesson

Deciding whether to start driving lessons - Can you remember when you had your driving lessons ? I'm 18 in which normally people my age are already driving and have completed there driving tests and theory tests normally at the age of 17. I chose not to start my driving lessons at the age of … Continue reading First driving lesson

Anxiety !!

Do you know what Anxiety is ? Well if you don’t then carry on reading this blog post to learn more. I hope you enjoy reading !!