Self-care plan

We should all take some time out of ours days to practise some self-care on ourselves because we spend so much time helping everyone else and looking after others we forget about ourselves a lot of the time or some people think it’s selfish to look after themselves.

It’s only in the last few months I have taken more time out of my day to look after myself before I would spend so much of my time running around doing several different things and checking on other people around me I forgot to check in with myself and take some time out of my day to look after myself.

Being human is so hard because everyone has such hectic lives and a lot of the time it is hard to take just 5 minutes out of your day to breathe. Depending on who you are is what you do in a day, you might still be in education or you might have a full time job or your looking after others or your family… You just don’t have time. We are all really hard on ourselves all of the time but it doesn’t help us because it just weighs us down more. We all need to take more time out of our day to just look after OURSELVES.

I want to share a few things which I do to look after myself, yours won’t be the same as mine because we’re all different but my self- care plan might give you a few ideas of things you can incorporate into your self – care plan.

What I do to do self-care –

1. Take a walk – This might seem quite a stupid idea to some because you’re just doing exercise but I assure you it isn’t. Taking a breath of fresh air is such a nice feeling because you feel like you can finally relax while just breathing in the fresh air instead of your stress. While your walking just forgets about your stress and focus on the walk and your surroundings.

2. Take a bath – I know some people might not be able to take a bath because you do not have one but if you have it’s a great way to relax. I love taking baths to just relax and let go of myself and my anxiety. I always either use a nice bath bomb or bubble bath a d it’s just perfect.

3. Skincare – One thing I count in my self-care routine is looking after my skin, you might think this isn’t self-care bit to me it is because I’m still looking after myself. Cleaning and cleansing your face is the best feeling especially in the morning before you start your day or late at night.

4. Watch a film/TV series – I love settling down after a long day and putting a film or my favourite TV series on and just chilling in front of the TV or tablet.

5. Read – This might count as several different ways like reading a book, magazine, newspaper, kindle, blog or newspaper article.

Downloadable and printable self – care plan –

I have made my first ever downloadable and printable document, I made a self-care plan which you can use to make sure you take some time out of your day to include self-care. I have done one myself to show you how to use it !!

Grab your free Self – care plan here !!

Example of a self – care plan completed

These are just a few things I do went I want to practise some self-care on myself on a long day. Yours might be different because we’re all individual and like different things but there are a few things I like to do.

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Until next time 😊

25 thoughts on “Self-care plan

  1. Siddhesh

    Amazing post…. Loved reading it! And your self care guide is pretty much what I have been following already! Live the printables too…. They are super cute! πŸ’œπŸ’

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  2. Such simple tips and they’re so effective! I always diss going for a walk when I’m in a strop but on the odd occasion I do go for one I feel so much better afterwards! Also loving the printables 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

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