Periods affecting mental health (P1)

I wanted to write a post about how periods affect our mental health, so I decided I was going to write a small series of these blog posts because it’s way too much for me to go into in one blog post. For me personally my mental health is affected quite massively by my periods and I know a lot of other people experience the same thing. The thing is with the topic surrounding periods is it is still such a taboo subject even in more of an modern era, people don’t seem to like talking about periods even though it happens to every girl/women throughout there lifetime.

Within society talking about periods had become such a taboo subject just like talking about mental health is. But why is talking about periods so like this just because blood comes out of women’s vagina 7days a month, this might be different for different people but this is the case for me.

How does my period affect my mental health ?

The biggest thing I notice about my mental health when I’m on my period is definitely the mood swings and my emotions being all of the place, but this is one thing which is part of having a period anyway. But when your mental health isn’t the most stable anyway your period can really mess it around. One minute I could be the happiest person having a really good day enjoying life, the next minute I’m hating myself and everything about the day. Welcome to having periods and mental health.

It’s not just the mental impacts periods bring, it’s the physical as well. Which can affect your mental health, in terms of me i suffer with horrendous stomach cramps and leg cramps which just generally makes you feel all types of urghh. Then you get the cravings for food, then the next minute your thinking I just eat all of that how disgusting am I.

How can periods affect people’s mental health ?

Periods affect people’s health in several different ways from experiencing headaches stomach cramps and bloating, but a lot of the time people forgot that periods bring along mental symptoms too such as moodiness, sad, happy and angry. Periods aren’t all about the physical symptoms they can affect women in mental ways too in which people don’t understand. A lot of women when they are on there periods they feel very alone and sad, with mood swings constantly.

One thing I suffer with a lot when I’m on my period is my anxiety is a lot worse when I’m on period, the smallest thing makes me anxious, I get irritated by the smallest things it could be the stupidest thing ever but it irritates me and I’m like that for the whole day as stupid as it sounds 😂 yes people periods mess with your head and your emotions.

Getting emotional a lot is definitely something I struggle with when I’m on my period because it could be something like something hadn’t gone to plan within the day and because I’m unhappy with, I’ll end up crying. For example the other day one of my blog posts was suppose to be scheduled for 5pm as I was going out and wasn’t going to have time to to upload it, so when I got back at like 7pm I realised it hadn’t even uploaded and because that has annoyed me I ended up crying. See the most smallest things end up making me cry when I’m on my period.

So why does periods affect your mental health ?

(Yes this is going to be a bit textbook) when we are on our periods your hormones are all over the place some hormone levels may be up where as others may be down. When theses hormone levels rise and fall this is when it can affect how we feel and think.

Premenstrual syndrome (pms) – PMS normally happens a couple of weeks before you actually come on your period so basically the before effects of your period, which can cause headaches bloating and moodiness. It is know that Women with depression or anxiety disorders may experience worse symptoms of PMS. This is generally because the symptoms of mental health illnesses can be very similar to PMS symptoms. If you would like to know more about this go to this website, this is also where I got the information from to inform people( sorry if this bores you). I actually suffer quite bad with PMS so when I was reading up on this it made me more aware of why I suffer with worse symptoms, my anxiety definitely makes mine worse.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – I have no knowledge in this section so i do not want to tell you things which could be false or misleading, so if you follow this link it will inform you better than I would.

I hope you have all found this post informative and interesting to read but just to know that you are not alone and that other people suffer with there metal health when they are on there periods.

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Until next time 😊

35 thoughts on “Periods affecting mental health (P1)

  1. My period really messes me up. I have an issue with my period because, to me, it’s triggering and means I’m not as ‘sick’ as anorexia would have me believe. In reality, you don’t have to be weight restored to have your period reappear, but try telling my brain that!

    I also suffer from PMS wherein my moods shift significantly, I’m tired, bloated and feeling basically very unwell. This has only gotten worse as my mental health and weight have gotten worse.

    While on my period I’m usually in so much pain I’m physically ill.

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    • Thankyou for sharing, it really affects my binge eating too but my moods is the worst. I’m the same that normally i have that much pain I’m actually physically ill it’s horrible. Thankyou for reading xx


  2. Thank you so much for addressing this!
    I actually have in my schedule approximate days off that I will take each month – so that I know that those days I will “take it easier” and be kinder and gentler to myself. That way, my mood swings are not as pronounced as they can be when I am stressed and have taken on too many commitments!

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  3. Women really need to be brave and talk about this more, so thanks for kicking this off.
    I have a Mirena coil fitted so no periods, but I still have seemingly inexplicable monthly bad days, which may be my cycle. A friend has recommended keeping a monthly diary so I can track if that’s what it’s down to. It can be hard to manage when you don’t have the physical period to attribute emotions to.

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  4. So glad that you decided to talk about this. I feel like many people (especially men) have no idea what wrecking effects your period can have on our mental health. Often it’s not just being a little sad or moody, many people end up in a deep pit of despair with seemingly no way out. As one of these people I wished we could talk about this more often. Loved this post!

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  5. I, unfortunately, do have experience with PMDD. It is debilitating and affects me for at least 2 weeks out of every month. I think there needs to be far more awareness of how much a woman’s period can affect her mental health. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness x

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  6. Just jumping in – when I had my implant in my arm and my periods stopped – I still had swelling of my breasts and achiness on a monthly cycle. Even when there are hormones (I can’t remember if the mirena is the hormone coil) to balance out and “trick” your body into thinking it’s pregnant, you still get some fluctuations on a monthly basis.

    Hope that’s helpful or comforting ❤

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  7. As the years go by my period has a huge effect on me physically and mentally. Previously it would come and go with very little impact but now it is hugely draining.
    I am lucky that I can talk very openly with my partner about it, he knows now the effect it has on me and I am starting to recognise these in myself and this is really beginning to help me in manage both the physical and mental symptoms.
    We really need to be able to talk openly about this x

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    • We definitely do need to talk about it openly. By writing this post it has made me realise how many people struggle with it and your not alone because I definitely suffer with it too. Thankyou for reading x


  8. I have extremely painful periods and generally experience a considerable hit on my mental health. I also experience heightened anxiety during them too so it’s all-round a bit of a shit show, lol. I’m very fortunate that I’ve got a very supportive and understanding husband who helps me when I’ve got my period.

    Thanks for sharing your post – it was really useful to read and not feel so alone about it all.

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  10. The struggle is so real. Something you didn’t mention that I feel is important, is the contribution of antidepressants (and the lack of, incorrect doses, and inconsistent use) to mental health and menstruation.

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  11. My periods have a huge impact on my mental health. Once a month, I get hit with major anxiety and a depressive episode. Last month I had to take off work because I felt like I had hit rock bottom. It’s scary! I suffer from depression and anxiety and periods make things way worse. Here is my new blog if you want to check it out!

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  13. Excellent post and I have done a blog post on my site about PMDD too! It is a horrible condition and I do suffer from it. It is exhausting and debilitating and the worst to live with. Most women don’t know about this at all! PMS sucks in general anyway and only knowledge and awareness has any power to battle it.

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