November round up review ❄️

Writing this review I can’t believe that this is my penultimate round-up review of the year !! I just can’t believe that this year has gone so quick, it feels like it was only summer a few weeks ago. November has definitely been the month which has flown past the quickest I feel like I wasn’t even alive for November.

It’s December next month which is really exciting my first December blogging and my birthday 🎁 But also some really exciting content coming, keep your eyes peeled 👀

What were this month goals –

These are the goals I set myself for this month, once again I set myself quite ambitious goals but sometimes setting bigger goals doesn’t allow you to actually achieve them all but that’s just how it’s goes sometimes and that’s perfectly fine. Right onto this months goals –

❄️ 1500 twitter followers

❄️ 350 blog followers

❄️ 60 Pinterest followers

❄️ Have driving lessons driving lessons

❄️ Do more self – care

What goals have I achieved?

❄️ 1500 twitter followers

❄️ 350 blog followers – I have achieved this goal I have now got 354 🎉

❄️ Have driving lessons driving lessons

❄️ Do more self – care

What goals didn’t I achieve?

❄️ 60 Pinterest followers – I’m really struggling with Pinterest but I know it will take time just like twitter did.

❄️ 1500 twitter – there has been a bit of dip in my twitter followers recently, I seem to be stuck in the 1420s at the moment.

 “You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.” Click to tweet

Posts I’ve uploaded this month –

This month I’ve managed to upload 5 blog posts including this one which I’m really impressed with because I’m staying consistent, which is helping me maintain my blog followers and the blog in general. If you haven’t read some of this months blog posts I’d really appreciate if you did 😊

❄️ Carrot cake recipe

❄️ Ban the general sale of fireworks

❄️ Looking after people around you

❄️ What have I learnt since starting to blog?

❄️ November round-up review

Statistics for the month –

This month’s statistics have been a bit up and down, but with the lead, up to Christmas, everyone’s busier so they have less time online. Sometimes you will have a month which is really good and then others which aren’t but that’s just how it goes. ( By the way, I’ve changed how I do this section of the review as it works better )

Don’t get to dragged down by statistics

❄️ Twitter – 1427 Twitter followers

❄️ Blog – 545 blog followers, 470 blog views total

❄️ Instagram – 227 Instagram followers

❄️ Pinterest – 41 Pinterest followers (I’m sure the number is stuck 😂)

Personal achievements / adjustments –

Onto my personal achievements for the month, I love writing this section of the review because I’m able to reflect on things which have been achieved in my personal life and not just my blog. This month started off with a trip to Alton towers which is a theme park, I was a bit anxious about this trip as it was out of my comfort zone but I did it and spent the day at Alton towers. I went on all of the rides and watched the fireworks too it was a long day but very enjoyable.

This month I haven’t done a huge amount but I’ve nearly done all of my Christmas shopping and I’ve even started to do some wrapping up 😝 I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas it’s my favourite season of the year, I love decorating the house for Christmas. Plus this month it’s my birthday 😝🎉

1st picture is a firework, second is a ride called wicker man, third is another ride

Here are my social media links if you want to check them out –

Blog –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Pinterest –

What have you achieved this month? Do you like to set yourself goals? Is December also your favourite season of the year? Are you excited for Christmas?

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Until next time 😊

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13 thoughts on “November round up review ❄️

  1. Well done Charlotte! Takes a lot to continue to find things to blog about and the site looks great. Best of luck in continuing to reach goals. I’m just starting out in the blogging game without any real clue as to what I’m doing so will look your way for any ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woww, that’s really great goals! With Pinterest I found that, if constantly pinning someone else pins (80/20 yours) you will get more monthly views. For couple of days my viewers – from 1,2 raise to 12K. This is just example and my experience. It’s up to you how you want to reach your goals in Pinterest 😉 ❤️❤️❤️ I wish you to achieve all your goals! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was lost in Pinterest as well, but I found that this things works best for me. 😊 That’s why I decided to share my experience. I hope you will find your way to achieve your goals in Pinterest! 👍❤️


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