September round up review

So it’s that time again, we’re at the end of another month. This year has gone so quick it’s untrue It feels like I was only writing my August review the other week. I will say though October – December are my favourite months so I’m looking forward to them.

As you can see I’m uploading my September review a bit early this month, as I’ve scheduled my other posts for October and didn’t want to mess it up. Whilst it isn’t the end of the month yet I will upload the post today but if any of my goals change or anything else happens before the end of the month I will make changes to this post to keep you up to date and if I do this I’ll put a tweet out to let you know. 😊

Without further ado let’s start September’s round up review, this month has been kind of a weird one because at the start of the month I thought it was going to be terrible for several different reasons which I’ll go into later but in the end I feel like it’s actually been quite successful.

What were this month goals –

Your all probably going to get bored of seeing my goals each month, put personally I really like it because I get to keep an eye on what I’m achieving and what I’m not achieving. I set myself quite ambitious goals this month to see if I could actually succeed well to see if I did or not you’ll have to wait till the next stage of this post. Here are this months goals –

☀️To get 1300 twitter followers

☀️ To get 300 blog followers

☀️To beat last months monthly blog views

☀️ be happy

☀️ carry on learning to drive

☀️connect to more of my followers

What goals have I achieved ?

When I was writing out my goals I was actually quite surprised and pleased that I actually achieved quite a few of my goals. Last month I was really hard on myself because I didn’t achieve all of my goals but then I realised you might not achieve them this month but you might the next, we can’t all succeed all of the time.

☀️ To get 300 blog followers – I have achieved 300 followers on my blog I’ve now got 301 followers which I’m super happy about I can’t even believe that 300 people like to read what I write.

☀️To beat last months monthly blog views – last month my views really dipped but this month there on the higher end again and I’ve got way above last months views.

☀️ Be happy – this was more of a personal goal Ive tried to be happier and not let everything get to me which is great.

☀️ carry on learning to drive – Im doing really well with driving I’m so happy I’m finally learning to drive.

☀️connect to more of my followers – I have recently made a bloggers group chat which is great to interact with people more.

☀️ To get 1300 twitter followers – this month I have reached my goal of 1300 followers but I’ve also reached last month goals of 1200 followers in which I wasn’t able to get too.

I’m so happy this month that I’ve been able to achieve all of my goals but I honestly didn’t think I would achieve them all 😊

Posts I’ve uploaded this month –

Including this blog post I managed to upload four blog posts which is actually really good I’m really pleased. In terms of they did in terms of statistics I’m really chuffed and happy. There’s been a few months where they’ve completely dipped where as this month was the opposite. Here are the posts I’ve uploaded this month –

August round up review –

People’s experience with Periods affecting mental health (p3) –

First day back at school/college –

September round up review – which is this post.

Statistics for the month –

Twitter –

How many followers my Instagram account

Instagram –

How many followers my Instagram has got

Blog –

How many followers my blog has got


My blog statistics

Personal achievements –

In terms of personal achievements for this month it took me a little while to reflect on this month to figure out what personal achievements have happened and what I’ve actually been up to this month.

The first thing In terms of personal achievements is I carried on having driving lessons after having a bit of a wobble the other month. I’m so glad I carried on having them though because I’m really enjoying them. But like my driving instructor keeps saying “you will make loads of mistakes but the mistakes are the things which make you better”. I’ve now had 7 lessons I’m doing better every single lesson.

This ones not really an achievement but it’s just something I’ve done this month which I thought I would share with you all. I went out for the day the other week we went to a pub on a canal which was really lovely plus it was a lovely sunny day which made it all the better. I’ll share with you all some pictures of the day 😊

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Until next time 😊

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