August round up review

Wow we are already at the end of August !! It only feels like yesterday since I was writing Julys review the last few months are going by so fast. Here we are again another month has ended and another review for you to read. I was thinking is it really worth writing a review for August, as I didn’t think much had really changed in terms of my social media’s and blogs but things personally have changed a bit I guess. So I thought sod it I’ll just write one.

What were this month goals –

This month I set my self what I thought was quite simple goals but I don’t think they were that simple as I didn’t really achieve them. That’s what I get for having high expectations for myself. So here goes nothing here are this months goals –

☀️1200 twitter followers

☀️275 blog followers

☀️To get 500 monthly views on my blog.

☀️Take better care of myself

☀️Live life how I want to

What goals have I achieved ?

These goals are quite hard to review as I set some goals about myself but I’ll try my best.

☀️To reach 1200 twitter followers

☀️ To reach 275 blog followers – I have reached my goal of 275 followers by actually gaining 277 followers. At the start of the month I thought I’m never going to gain 25 new followers this month and I have 😊

☀️To get 500 monthly views on my blog – I’m no where near my goal of 500 monthly views on my blog I didn’t really think goal through very much as I haven’t uploaded as many blog posts as I would normally as I went on holiday and wasn’t very active.

☀️Take better care of myself – this month I think I have actually looked after myself not the best I could of due to different things happening but I took a social media break for 10 days which was really nice so I practiced some self care.

☀️Live life how I want to – I don’t know how to answer this one 😂

In review of not achieving all of my goals, you can’t achieve all of your goals every month I guess so hopefully next month I’ll achieve more of my goals.

Posts I’ve uploaded this month –

These were the blog posts I have uploaded this month, I have only managed to upload 3 posts as I took 10 days off in which I missed my upload day. But here are the ones I did upload –

☀️ Announcement-

☀️ Periods affecting your mental health –

☀️ Guest post – periods affecting mental health –

Statistics for the month –

Twitter –

Image of my twitter account showing how many followers I have got

Instagram –

Image of my Instagram account showing how many followers I have got

Blog –

Image of my follower count on my blog

Statistics –

Statistics on my blog page

Personal achievements –

Last month in my review I didn’t write about personal achievements because I didn’t really feel like I had anything interesting to write about. Where as this month is a completely different story I did several different things which at the start of the month I didn’t think I would of done. First of all I started driving lessons !! Which I didn’t think I would of had the courage to start in a million years, but starting them is a massive step for me because I’m trying to kick anxiety’s butt. I have know had 4 driving lessons !!

I then went on holiday to wales for 10 days which was lovely because it meant I could just relax for a whole 10 days and not have to worry about anything which was so nice and relaxing 😌. Just generally being in the countryside makes me just feel at ease because you’ve got fresh air all around you and you feel like you can let go of all of your worries and chill !!

Holiday - Wales

These couple of things might not feel like achievements to a lot of people but to me they are because they are things which I have done and not let anyone else dictate what I’m doing 😊

Here are my social media links if you want to check them out –

Blog –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Pinterest –

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Until next time 😊

23 thoughts on “August round up review

  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal for Twitter and blog followers! The rest will come with time, keep up the good work 😊 and well done for starting your driving lessons too! Hope you had a fabulous holiday x x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tinkablee

    Sometimes it’s better to write out our personal achievements and acknowledge our personal achievements over out business/Dream achievements😊
    I’m so proud of you for achieving the things you have and there’s plenty more days/months out there to achieve any goals that wasn’t reached.
    I hope this September and October will be the months you achieve all your social media goals 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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