4 ways on how to start loving yourself first

Before you can start loving someone else you need to first of all learn to love yourself which I know isn’t an easy thing. I think especially in the works we are in, instead of building each other up we seem to knock each other down.

I think the same principle apply’s to ourselves because we are so quick to knock ourself down that even when we want to try and climb back up it can be so hard because you have been talking down upon yourself for so long that when you try and be positive about yourself it’s hard to accept and acknowledge it.

4 ways on how to start loving yourself first

1. Stop caring about how you look

I think one of the biggest steps in order to start appreciating yourself and learning how to actually love ourself is to stop caring about how we look especially if it’s in a negative perspective. We need to stop caring about we look and start to thin’ about how we are actually feeling.

We are brought up in a world where we need to take notice of how we look and how the people around us look, but why ? Should what we look like actually have an impact on how we feel about ourselves. Personally I think it’s 100% more beneficial to our body and minds to acknowledge how we feel about ourselves instead of what we look like. At the end of the day looks aren’t everything !!

2. Don’t compare yourself to others.

I’ve already spoke about this in a previous post a little while back it was all about 6 reasons why we need to stop comparing ourselves to others I went into a lot more detail there if you would like to know more and learn a few tips on how you can stop comparing yourself to others.

If we are constantly looking down on ourselves and and thinking about everyone around us we will never start to love ourselves because there is never a time where it is just you. This is how I think about it; There is always three people in your life the person who you want to be, the person you are comparing yourself to and the person who you are changing yourself to become.

Who knows that the person who you are comparing yourself to might actually be comparing there self to your you ? Ever thought of it like that ?

3. Know your worth and what you deserve

In a lot ways when we are talking about personal development it all relates back to knowing your worth and actually knowing what you deserve. You deserve to love yourself because if you are always looking for someone who deserves you, you could waiting a long time meanwhile you are neglecting your self-love.

I want you to take a few moments for yourself now, I want you to say these 5 affirmations out load or in your head if your in a busy place –

Say it after me –

  • I deserve happiness
  • I deserve someone who loves me
  • I deserve a healthy life
  • I deserve someone who makes me feel beautiful in all different ways
  • I deserve to love myself
  • Add your own one she let me know in the comments what it is.

4. Celebrate your progress and achievements.

When I say celebrate your achievements it doesn’t matter if they are really small achievements or they are massive achievements because progress is progress and it doesn’t matter the size. By celebrating your achievements even if they are small you are starting to focus on your positive qualities instead of focusing on the negatives.

I hope these few little pointers will help you to start appreciating yourself a little bit more she you will able to use these steps to start a journey in loving yourself.

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29 thoughts on “4 ways on how to start loving yourself first

  1. samanthiablogs

    I love this so much! It’s so important to love ourselves not just for how we look but who we actually are, also that’s a great thought that someone who we admire could actually wanting to be us! thank you for sharing –
    Laura x

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  2. Hester @ bookswithben

    For me I do still care about how I look, but it’s more as in a healthy way? I’m trying to distinguish for myself that when I try to look good, that can also just be for my own pleasure and it’s not always for others. But the line is still vague and I think that too often it’s still to make others like me, while I think I don’t care about that. But I still do, I know that about myself too. But like you say, it’s a progress, and progress should be celebrated! I think too often the good things get overlooked, and too soon I focus on the more negative side of things! But I’m trying to change it, so I’m happy about that!

    I deserve to not care about what others think.

    This truly was a great post, thank you for writing this ❀

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    1. I’m the same I’m so quick to focus on the negative side of things that I easily forget about the positive things. Yes preach that girl you deserve to not care what other think of you !! Thankyou for reading & commenting x

      Charlotte πŸ’—

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  3. Chloe Chats

    These are lovely tips, I have definitely struggled with caring too much about what I look like, I think being in lockdown has taught me not to care so much about how I look, probably the longest I have ever gone without wearing some make-up! It’s so important not to compare yourselves to others too!

    Chloe xx

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    1. I’m with you on that lockdown has definitely taught me that too because I’m lockdown no one sees us so we don’t care as much. Thankyou for reading & commenting x

      Charlotte πŸ’—


  4. I loved reading this post because it really spoke to me. I struggle to not compare myself to others, whether that’s how they look or what they have but slowing I’m learning to change that and be grateful for what I have.

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  5. Thank you, Charlotte! Your article has immensely inspired me. It is always essential to celebrate our achievements and think for further progress.
    I love your writing, so I don’t want to miss out on your future articles. Thus, I have followed you.

    Kiran Kandel

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      1. It’s my pleasure, Charlotte! πŸ™‚
        I am eagerly waiting for your future posts!
        Since you have such beautiful writing, would you mind checking out my blog? Your feedback will be invaluable to me. Thank you very much!


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