What is a monthly review –

Earlier on this year I decided that I was going to do Monthly reviews, so I could see what I was achieving in the month and what I wasn’t so I could improve it the next month.

It’s such a easier way to be able to keep up with your goals. I love setting goals each month I find that I’m actually able to achieve a lot more in a month by setting so many goals each month. They do not need to be challenging just things that you want to accomplish in the month.

When do I upload my reviews –

I upload my monthly reviews at the end of each month, which is normally the last week of the month. I have only been doing monthly review for about 5 months now and I’m loving it so far !!

I hope you enjoy reading my monthly review each month and it inspires you to create goals each month and maybe start your own monthly review !!

Thank-you for joining me on my journey !! šŸ’—