People’s experience with Periods affecting mental health (p3) –

So I wanted to see if I was the only one who had bad experiences with my mental health when I’m on my period. So I put a tweet on twitter and had quite a few replies so I thought I would share with you all what everyone thought. For me personally it was so you don’t think your the only one who suffers, in terms I found out loads of peopled suffered. This is the tweet I put on twitter –

Twitter image of what I uploaded on my twitter platform. It shows the message which I put out to my followers

So here are people’s experiences with periods affecting your mental health –

• Well my period definitely has effected my mental health! I had heavy periods right from the start, which made me extremely self conscious. The pain from cramps was often unbearable leading me to miss school, which caused depression. Eventually I developed ovarian cyst which made everything worse. On top of the physical symptoms of cyst, my hormones were all over the place which caused massive depression and anxiety. In 2018, my right ovary was removed due to damage from cyst and everything got better! My period is now very mild and regular. 💯 the severity of your period affects mental health! @5buckstilfriday

• I’ve had my period since I was 11 years old and never really felt anything out of the ordinary until my late 20s. As I aged, I started to notice that my PMS become increasingly unbearable. I feel worse while experiencing PMS versus my actual period itself. My mental health takes a huge hit in mood changes, disinterest in usual hobbies, and general lethargies. However, once I begin my period everything feels like it evens out again and I don’t feel as unstable as I do during PMS. @jmweberwrites

• So with periods my mental health gets affect for a number of reasons. First of all due to having PCOS ( polycystic ovary syndrome) I have a hormone imbalance. This leads me having very high and low moods, I feel irritable and I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin. Due to having PCOS I sometimes don’t have a monthly period, which then leads me to feeling anxious. Leading up to a period my acne and a skin condition that I have called darier flares up. When this happens, it causes me to feel really self conscious so I have to wear make up. I sometimes do go out without wearing make up, but I feel that people are staring at me. My mental health gets affected because my self esteem is at a all time low. Even when I don’t come on I get the symptoms of a period. My lord I get cravings, which most of the time I give into, so I tend to bloat and put on a few pounds which also leads to me feeling awful about myself. Fatigue hits me as well so I feel like not doing anything as I have no energy, so I stay indoors sometimes doing absolutely nothing. By doing this I then feeling crap about myself, as I should be at gym etc! @TArgyelan

• My biggest issue with my period affecting my mental health is that I get overly sensitive. Like little things bother me, and I stress about them. My husband made a *slightly* offensive comment and I turn it into a full blown fight. Normally I’ll point it out, if it’s offensive, say so, and be done. Normally I’m a pretty confident person. But my period seems to destroy that. I also stress over someone important not answering a phone call. Normally I’m like, they’re busy, they’ll call back, whatever. During my period, it’s, OMG they suddenly hate me and that’s why they’re not answering. They must be deliberately ignoring me. It almost feels like a little bit bipolar in terms of how I normally respond to situations, and how I do when I’m having my period. I get nasty migraines and nausea as well, which affect my patience levels and ability to be present in situations. Most of the time I’ll bury myself in my work, my blog, product line, promoting it all, or a home improvement project as a coping mechanism. It works, I’ll say that much. Thankfully I always have a ton of work to do. Lol. I get mad at myself a lot during this time too. I look at myself and think, oh my god. When did I turn into a two year old with the crying, tantrums, and anger? I forget to take a step back, realize what’s going on, and face it. @thepreppingwife

• Mine has always negatively affected my moods which are always unbalanced and unpredictable enough, but it effect me a week before, the whole 7 days I’m on and then a week after. I feel I only every get a real break for a week before it’s my body & mind into a frenzy😩 @tinkableeblog

• In the week coming up to it I become very depressed to the point where I just want to sleep and cry all the time, and generally my anxiety and OCD rituals tend to worsen too! I’m much better after the first day or two, but I feel horrific beforehand! @Amy_may_j

• Mine grabs me by the foot and throws me into a sea of depression. My mind floats in a sea of dark thoughts, I irrationally cry at everything. I can hold it in okay, I can keep it from affecting others but it takes quite a toll on me. @thebusyshelf

• I don’t get bouts of sadness but I do become irrationally irritable. The worst thing is, I know I’m getting upset for no justifiable reason (on any other day, I wouldn’t be upset for that reason). I also get incredibly tired because I have anemia, which is worsened by my period. @rhiannonlotze

All facts found off and
All facts found off

I hope this post makes you all feel like your not alone in this and that there is others who are also suffering with there mental health while on there periods.i know that this isn’t a subject which isn’t really talked about that’s why I wanted to highlight the subject. Hope you enjoyed this type of post !!

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Until next time 😊

27 thoughts on “People’s experience with Periods affecting mental health (p3) –

  1. Such a relatable post and I think many will find it comforting to know they’re not alone – I think periods are enough of a taboo topic still but mental health and periods is one that’s virtually non-existent! Thank you for including me too 😊 x

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  2. I have been using the app ‘clue’ for over a year now and I find this really helpful. You can actually document your mood in it. 9/10 when I feel really low and sad, I check the app and realise oh it’s PMS. Annoying that we can’t do much about it, but always feel better knowing that there is a reason behind it.

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

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  3. Can’t believe I missed the Twitter convo for this!

    My mental health first stabilised when I was 19 and got the contraceptive implant and it stopped my periods. It was a huge breath of fresh air for me, although on my second implant I started noticing my breasts would swell each month again, on my third, in the last year I had a major crash in mental health (looking back I burnt out completely) and while I hoped it would straighten out with replacement it didn’t.
    My most recent one, it didn’t stop my periods anymore and my cycle was so erratic, anything from 7-21 days and I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

    Now I’m not the pill as well and it’s a lot smoother. I track using an app and I’ve noticed I get a drop around the time I’d be ovulating if I wasn’t on so many contraceptives.

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  4. I am too! I get one week of intense cravings, then one week of depression and irritability, one week of heavy flow and then one week of bliss….I only have 12 weeks of bliss a year…but i have learned to live through it…taking my supplements helped to regain my energy and deal with my high anxiety…

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  5. Hannah Read

    I can definitely relate to this! Thanks to my contraceptive pill I don’t get periods anymore so no more mood swings (or hormonal migraines, yay) but when I did get them I always so moody and sometimes unbearable to cope with. I hated that it made me feel that way – like I wasn’t in control of myself!

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  6. For me, I tried controlling the PMS with regular OC pills. They caused nausea and further mood swing all thru the cycle instead! Horrifying! So now I focus hard on the tips to deal with it instead because this is an effing monthly drama. Ain’t no one got time for that!!! So my hot take-it is such a WASTE of time that breaks my momentum and mojo every month.. sigh. Hate being a female to no extent. There is no glory in this ish. 😦

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