So a few months ago I was looking on my Instagram feed and I found a company which ‘promoted mental health’ which is what my feed and blog is all about so I will always try and support them where I can, so I gave them a follow and they followed me back. Then I think it was a month or couple down the line and they were advertising for band ambassadors in which is something you can do from home which is what I can do. So I received a direct message from them asking if I wanted to become a brand ambassador with them, which after finding out more about it I accepted it and become part of there band ambassador team which I was looking forward too as it got me out of my comfort zone.

Everything was going really well and I was helping them get their company out there more as they were only just starting out, tagging them in posts and things. Then only last week I received a message from saying that I was doing an amazing job and they really appreciated it, which then led on to them asking if I wanted to become band ambassador for there digital online newspaper which was another exciting opportunity for me. They wanted two-band ambassador for this so they asked me and @mrsspositivemind to be them. I accepted the opportunity 😊

Who is aspire 2?

Aspire 2 are still a really small company and not a lot of people actually know what they do so I thought I would share with you all who they are. So Aspire 2 are a mental health media and events company who are trying to raise awareness of mental health all around the world but are located in the UK in York. They raise awareness for mental health in lots of different ways from there website to there social media sites but are always trying to bring new services out for their followers in which one of them is there a digital newspaper in which I’m one of the band ambassadors for. “Aspire 2 will provide a range of media services & events that will give a voice to service users, service providers, charities & organisations, those affected by mental health and the public. It will promote for better services, to reduce social stigma & exclusion, signpost treatment and services and provide society with an opportunity to understand the vast and complex issues surrounding mental health” – off their website I will share there links later on in the post.

What do I do as part of Aspire 2 ?

I might of already covered this briefly in the above sections, but now it gives me more of a chance to actually tell you a little bit more of what I’m doing to help Aspire 2. So I’m a brand ambassador for the company which means I’m trying to promote their company and raise more awareness of the company but am not paid to do so. This gives me the opportunity to help a company grow its audience while helping myself grow mine but also along the way I can meet other people and brand ambassadors. I and @mrsspositiveminds are going to be the brand ambassadors who are on the digital newspaper to promote mental health.

How can you find Aspire 2?

If you are reading this post and you haven’t already heard of this amazing company, I will share with you all of the different ways you can find them.

Website – https://aspire2.org.uk/mission/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/_aspire2/

Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/_ASPIRE2

I wanted to share with you all my exciting new opportunity, some people will not like this but this is where I document my life and this is something that has changed and I wanted to write about it 😊

Thank you for the support as always, If you enjoyed this post please like and comment and follow. If you would like to help me to make my website self-hosted then please use the link, it would be greatly appreciated https://ko-fi.com/D1D4V3G4

Until next time 😊

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  1. madewithlove99

    I have to say I’ve never came across these names before but I’ll be sure to check them out. And congratulations to you for securing the opportunities that you have.

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