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Self-care plan

We should all take some time out of ours days to practise some self-care on ourselves because we spend so much time helping everyone else and looking after others we forget about ourselves a lot of the time or some people think it's selfish to look after themselves. It's only in the last few months… Continue reading Self-care plan

General · mental health

Feeling alone at Christmas

When it comes to Christmas and celebrations all around the world it can become a really lonely time and a lot of people can struggle without a support system at all. When it comes to worldwide celebrations depending on the country you live in, everyone is celebrating with family and friends but there are some… Continue reading Feeling alone at Christmas


โ€ชWhat Iโ€™ve learnt since starting to blog ? โ€ฌ

I have now been blogging for 10 months which to some people wouldnโ€™t be a very long time, because some of my fellow bloggers have been for 2-7years. It's now coming up to my blogging anniversary very soon ๐Ÿ˜Š For me sticking to a hobby for that long is an achievement for me because Iโ€™ve… Continue reading โ€ชWhat Iโ€™ve learnt since starting to blog ? โ€ฌ