Looking after people around you

We’re back to a bit of a mental health wellness type of post today, I’ve been meaning to publish this post for a while now but I’ve never really known how to finish the post until now. So I thought with it leading up to Christmas it would be a perfect time to upload a post about looking after people around you.

You never really know when you’re going to need someone to be there for you !!

We should all be looking after each other and taking care of others but at the same time remembering to look after ourselves too. In the society we live in now we are more bothered about criticising each other instead of helping each other. We’ve become more focused on hurting people not helping others. If you think about it if all we do is keep criticising each other how are we helping people because all we are doing is putting each other down and that is not what we do as humans.

Remember we are human –

It doesn’t matter if you suffer from a mental illness or a physical illness, remember to treat the person how you would want to be treated because when you are suffering from an illness people can quite quickly forget about the fact that the person is still there. There is one saying I’ve always stuck by and that is “Treat others, how you would like to be treated”

Stop criticising each other –

One step we can all take to start looking after each other is, stop criticising each other, but in a way it makes you think why was this even brought into the world because we aren’t helping each other we are just making people feel worse about themselves. If you think it is okay to criticise to each other then you need to learn what is important to you in life. Especially if you are suffering from a mental health illness and you are secretly having a really bad day where everything is falling apart, then someone comes up to you and says “you look awful” all that is going to do is make your self conscious and make your self-esteem lower than it already is.

Stop picking faults –

Instead of picking faults with what everyone does maybe stop for a second and think what can you do to help instead. If you are that person who watches while people struggle and then make nasty comments then stop and maybe start helping that person instead. If there is a particular day when someone is struggling with even the smallest things and you are thinking why are they struggling, maybe there are factors in that person’s life which are affecting their decisions, just ask them “do you want some help with that”

Just support each other –

Let’s just start supporting each other and looking after each other, because I think one of my biggest priorities in life is to look after the people who are around you and support them in doing whatever there doing. Even if they aren’t working and are just struggling, still support them or maybe someone is having a bad day at work, why not support them and look after them.

Why does it seem such a hard thing to do to people to look after each other, it should be something we naturally do.

Graphic of loads of people holding hands

Will you take these steps, to help look after others and yourself ?

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Until next time 😊

18 thoughts on “Looking after people around you

  1. This is so true. A bit of kindness goes a long way and benefits us all in the long run. I used to be quite judgemental when I was younger, and now I appreciate much more the hidden battles people might be fighting and why empathy, even when someone might not deserve it, is so important x

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  2. Our fellow beings are all we have to fall back to. It is worth the little time we have to be kind to others and really try to treat them as we would like to be treated. So many people are hiding tears when they snap, are struggling when they do not smile.
    Little acts of kindness are not meant to be reserved for the ‘holiday spirit’. Make them happen year round!

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  3. Great post, I’m loving all the positive vibes I’m getting! I think a lot of people are quick to judge and in that moment seem to forget that like you say we are all human and we all have good and bad points 🙂 x

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  4. Well said. We all need to ensure we take care of the people around us just as much as we take after ourselves. Not criticizing people is a major one. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it so easy to jump to that instead of keeping quiet or asking if the person wants help.

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