Reflecting on things which have changed in a year

So on Monday night I was talking to one of my friends @ami_T1995 about things which had changed since last year and thinking how crazy it is, that it was only last year 7 months ago 🀭. This gave me an idea to write a post about reflecting on all of the things in which have changed for the positive since last year. This is a good thing for myself so at the end of this year I could do another post like this and reflect on the other half of the year. I thought this would be a great post just so I and others can see how my life has changed just in a year.

So I thought a would share some –

🌟One thing in which I have definitely changed for a positive within the last year is I Left college in January. This was something I needed to do a little while before but I was scared of what others would think of me leaving a course and would it make me a failure. In all honestly there were several reasons for leaving college in which I might go into, in a different post but one was because College was just making me so ill physically and mentally. No one really knew at my college or my friends it was just my family so it was a struggle. Now I have realised that leaving was definitely the best decision because it wasn’t something I wanted to do any longer, in my opinion if you do not enjoy son at all and you can do so it to change that then do it.

(Btw there not all going to be this long πŸ˜‚ first time I’ve spoken out about it)

🌟 One thing I have always struggled with is what the expectations I set for myself and what I think other will think about me and the things I do. One of them was I thought if I had told my parents that I didn’t like my college course that they would be disappointed in me. The complete opposite happened and they supported me so much and helped me tell my college the decision I had made.

🌟 when I was in college your in a class full of people in which mine was 23 boys and 1 other girl, I had actually made friends with a few of them. Then I realised when I left did any of them keep in contact with me NO they were using me because I was helping them. I’m so glad I got rid of fake friends who were never actually there for me, they were just there for themselves.

🌟 Last year all I cared about was helping others and getting my assignments in on time, which put a strain on my mental health quite significantly. When I left college in January all emotions seemed to flood at me all at once and my anxiety hit rock bottom.

🌟 One thing I have definitely learnt since last year was I didn’t to stand up to everyone else’s expectations, which I have always done but now I only live up to my own expectations and not everyone else’s and to be honest there expectations were made up in my head.

🌟One thing which had made a huge change to my life since last year was starting blogging, which I made the decision too in February and it’s one of the BEST decisions I have made in a long time. I enjoy doing it so much and interacting with my followers and just feeling like I’m making a small difference.

🌟Blogging has made me realise that I’m okay as me and I don’t need to change for anyone. I have always thought of myself of this piece of mud which was getting stomped all over, I have never liked the person I was and I hated what I looked like. I realised that who I am is completely okay and I don’t need to change at all.

🌟 I have got a better relationship with myself but it still isn’t the best it could be but I’m getting there and that is the main thing. We have got to have a relationship with ourselves and learn to love who we are before trusting anyone.

🌟 Through blogging I have made a few new friendships which I am so grateful for, there the kindest of people and they always check in on me and I check in on them and honestly it is so nice to have made some friends through blogging.

🌟 one of the last things I can think of is the fact I feel like I’m helping making a difference within the mental health community and it’s such an overwhelming feeling and just feels like your doing something good.

I hope you have all enjoyed this different type of post, I will probally think of more things later on but for now It’s so nice to be able to reflect on a year and think about what has changed for the positive and what things have changed it’s just good to reflect on things even if there not for the good.

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Until next time 😊

31 thoughts on “Reflecting on things which have changed in a year

  1. It really is crazy how much can change in just a year! I’m a completely different person compared to who I was last year. You can never really appreciate your growth until you take the time to reflect on it. Thank you so much for sharing your story – you’re definitely not a failure for leaving college! You made the choice that was best for your health and that’s all that matters. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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  2. Nadine

    I am so happy for you that so many things have changed to the better for you. You can be so proud of yourself, because the decisions you made were really brave.

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  3. I love this. I recently thought of doing a reflection of the past year too. A lot has changed and I want to be able to look back a year from now and see the changes.

    I’m glad you are doing the things that make YOU happy. We spend a lot of time trying to please others when really we need to be making ourselves happy. Good for you and I hope your positive journey only continues!!

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  4. This is great. It’s so crazy what can change in a year. I can empathize with you about leaving college. I left my job recently, and the only reason I didn’t do it sooner was because of the fear of what others would think, and that I would never do better.

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