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Post traumatic stress disorder – Awareness monthly

Warning – If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder you might find this post a trigger.

This weeks post is based on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because this month (June) is post-traumatic stress disorder awareness month. So I thought I would highlight some information about it, it is one mental health illness which isn’t widely known about or many people talk about. It is talked about more now in the era we are in but not as much as it should be.

What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder but it is not a generalised anxiety disorder, this anxiety disorder is normally caused by a very stressful time or situation which can be distressing and frightening. When an individual suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder they relive the specific event or situations over and over in their head which can be through nightmares or flashbacks this can cause the individual to feel isolated.

What causes post-traumatic stress disorder?

There are several different causes of post-traumatic stress disorder, each different individual can be triggered by something different, not one situation is the same for each individual suffering from a post-traumatic disorder. I’m going to highlight a few cases of post-traumatic stress disorder but these are definitely not all just a few examples –

⁃ car crash

⁃ War

⁃ Health problems

⁃ Assault

⁃ Death

⁃ childbirth

⁃ Traumatic experience

When an individual suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder it can come on in someone’s life either immediately after the specific event or it might occur weeks months years later, it is just different for each individual and the event which caused the PTSD.

Symptoms of PTSD –

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder differ for each individual as the event in which they suffer from PTSD will be different for each individual. The symptoms in which individuals suffer when suffering from PTSD can impact individuals day to day life and can have a huge impact on it. One of the main symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder is re-experiencing the event several times in which the individual can vividly re-picture the time when the event occurred. When an individual re-experiences they can have –

⁃ flashbacks

⁃ Nightmares

⁃ Distressing images

⁃ Physical symptoms eg.sweating, trembling

⁃ Negative thoughts

Another symptom of PTSD is an avoidance of the specific traumatic event in which occurred when this happens the individual will try and avoid the specific memories, avoid talking about it and visiting the place or places which remind them of it. Some people will try to emotionally numb the traumatic event by not dealing with the actual feelings they feel, which will make the individual very withdrawn and isolated from society.

I hope this post helps you to understand what post-traumatic stress disorder is and how it might affect an individual life. You might not know that an individual is suffering from PTSD so just be respectful that someone might be suffering in silence.

If you would like to find out more about post-traumatic stress disorder, then you can find out more here

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53 thoughts on “Post traumatic stress disorder – Awareness monthly

  1. Thank you for raising awareness of PTSD. I have experienced flashbacks and nightmares since March 2018 due to my experience in ICU and being critically ill. Its horrible.e and I often feel alone when people just say ” you’re fine now” when I open up about them, saying that…doesn’t help at all.

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  2. This is a fantastic topic, PTSD is so often forgotten about among mental illnesses. You don’t have to be involved in war or an explosion to suffer PTSD, it can be from so many different things. Trauma is different for every person, and how they react to that is also very different.

    Thank you for writing such an informative post!

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  3. It’s definitely an underestimated disorder. I think a lot of people still associate it as something only soldiers experience and only they are entitled to. It couldn’t be further for the truth. Thank you for breaking this stereotype down.

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  4. I am so glad you were able to put this so easily to read and understand, I myself have PTSD and didn’t even know what this was until my therapist told me about it, great read!

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  5. i kinda wished there was more information than just like say the textbook version of what it is. like some how sharing your own personal experiences with it or examples of how you had an episode and what you did to come out of it…

    Example: there are certain tv shows that brings me back to when something happened to me. and a lot of times ill be crying because all these thoughts and images came back in the front of my head. and ill snap at those who are asking me whats wrong, or ill get up and just leave the room. and it may take me a while to return or ill just avoid it completely and find myself playing a facebook game or something. and ill wait until im ready to talk about what happened to me (why i was crying so much) and why i responded the way i did.

    and people who are reading that can relate much more to the post, because they have connected with you on a personal level and felt what you just went through because they may be going through something similar as well.

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    1. I personally don’t experience PTSD, this post was purely for raising awareness for PTSD as it was the awareness day last week. I am looking at bringing out a guest post in the next couple of weeks so I can get someone’s own experience of it, so people can actually relate to it. The thing is people don’t actually know what PTSD so first of all you need to explain it before putting an experience in which I have experienced in the past. Thankyou for the feedback.


      1. and that is why you lost me, because you yourself havent experience it. and what ive learned it’s better to raise awareness on something you actually live with or know a lot about, so your post doesnt get lost in translation with “that’s just textbook” when people’s lives are not at all textbook.

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      2. I understand that, but if we just write about the things we experience. We aren’t raising awareness of other mental health illnesses. Sorry if you didn’t like the post, just thought it might help the people who don’t know what it is 😐


      3. you’re not raising awareness if you only give textbook answers. everyone can look up the textbook answer.

        those who actually live with the mental health illnesses that they are raising awareness for, are raising the awareness because they are speaking from their own life struggles, and they can show that it isnt just what the textbook says, it goes beyond that.

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      4. giving a textbook answer as a blog post, shows you treat people as textbooks. and asking me what to do when you’re the textbook answer giver, you should already have a textbook response for your situation.


  6. There is nothing wrong with writing a post about awareness. It does not show that at all, it shows that this woman cares enough to raise awareness so other people don’t feel alone. She has not treated anyone about textbook just because she hasnt gone through it herself. She at least did research on the subject and not just going by anything. How about if you don’t like something then click off it.

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    1. that is what a textbook answer is. this post has 0 personal connection, that is what i dont like about it. anyone can google what it means to have PTSD, and youll get the same response, because it’s a textbook answer. the ones that show the personal connection with having PTSD, reach a much bigger audience than those who just give the textbook answers.

      it’s like those who are travel bloggers, the ones that are worth reading are the ones that share their own personal experiences while travelling. using their own pictures that they took, showing what it actually looks like from their eyes. giving input on the prices and where to stay, and what to do.

      the personal side of it, makes it worth reading, because you get to connect with the person who is writing it, and you get to be transferred to the location you are reading about, and if you have already been there you can compare and remember your time when you were there.

      there are plenty of reasons why it can be wrong (writing a post on awareness), especially if you are doing it the wrong way, such as giving a textbook answer. For me, a textbook answer, doesnt really help the cause. because people like myself, are out for the personal connections the writer has with their topic they are raising awareness for.

      p.s. if you dont like what i have to say, dont read it. bet yet have it taken down.


      1. Well considering the fact that you are the only one complaining about the post then to me your opinion is invalid. just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t help other people. you clearly just like bringing people down which is pathetic. of course people have freedom of speech which i understand but it also matters how you use that speech and how it affects people. why would i have it taken down?? then everyone won’t be able to see what troll you are.

        thanks. goodbye


      2. considering the fact, that im not the only one who complains about the way people write blog posts, shows that i do have something to say and people do want to hear me out. they may not be complaining directly under the blog post, but people do complain and voice their opinions. twitter is a perfect example of that, and how people have long threads about what they want to read on a blog post, and how they want people to comment. and there are plenty of people who are like me. example: based on the conversation i had yesterday on twitter, more people rather have the honest brutal opinions that one has about the blog post they just read, than having a sugarcoated reply because they believe that’s what the blogger wants.

        The fact that you enjoy reading textbook answers and dont care about how it doesnt have anything personal about it, is the sad part. how does one even learn about others and what they are dealing with, when no one talks about it. and giving a textbook answer isnt talking about it.

        and just because you dont like my comments, doesnt mean other people dont like them. the fact that people are encouraging me to write comments, speaks volumes.

        and knowing that my comments are really long, shows that i have something to say, im not a troll (thanks for that compliment), and people really should know what’s on my mind. and maybe just maybe, they can learn from what ive said and realized how important being personal is and why people dont like textbook answers.

        and you clearly have a problem with the way i type, and that well isnt my problem. i am free to leave comments, and ill continue to leave comments, whether you like it or not.

        and knowing that you believe that i like bringing people down, shows that you dont understand who i am as a person, and that’s totally fine by me.

        and you are welcome, goodbye.


      3. It’s funny how you think you are affecting me, fair enough some people like that, I will accept that but to other people its finding out what that is. not everyone is comfortable sharing things. yes this woman hasn’t had a personal experience but there may be some people who makes this post that have experiences which they may not want to share with the world. no it’s not it shows that i am ok with the blog nothing to do with personal experience. well perhaps they are not ready to share it?? fair enough if other people like it , oh you are very welcome. yeah maybe they can. and you do that but understand that i will leave my thoughts. i just don’t share what happens here all over my twitter. bye byee!!!


      4. and it’s funny that you think, i think im affecting you, i will accept that.

        when people see that others are sharing their own personal stories about what they are going through, more people will come out and share their stories. which is why personal is for the better, because it reaches more people, than giving a textbook answer that people can just google. (which is why i didnt like this blog post, and im allowed to voice my opinion on the matter.)

        you can do whatever you want with your twitter, because it’s your twitter.

        and you keep on saying bye, and you’re still here.


      5. yeah because you don’t let other people comment negativity on your blog yet you are doing it to others how the hell is that fair!! I’m sick of you and your face so I’m leaving you to your nasty ways. GOODBYEEEE


      6. no, i dont let people leave comments period on my blog. and you’re a reason why i dont let people leave comments on my blog. and because you cant see that you are actually the one who is leaving negative comments, it makes world of sense, why you dont like my comments. because my comments are complete opposite of yours.

        and you can keep on saying goodbye doesnt mean you actually mean it.


      7. I’m ending this now, I wrote one blog post like this and I’m getting this much hate and it’s killing me and you don’t seem to care if you hurt someone’s feelings ! I have wrote in the past about personal experiences and I acknowledge what you are saying but I don’t know how much more this needs to go on for. You’ve voiced your opinion and that’s fine I accept that but this is getting way to much for me now.


      8. every blog post you write should have personal experiences to it, if not why are you writing it?!

        on twitter your bio has Mental Health advocate, and i came to this blog post and im like where’s the personal side. and knowing that you dont live or suffer with PTSD, it’s like this post gets lost, because it’s not you. and that is what this post was missing. i wanted to know you not the general terms of what PTSD is.


      9. I’m ending this now, I wrote one blog post like this and I’m getting this much hate and it’s killing me and you don’t seem to care if you hurt someone’s feelings ! I have wrote in the past about personal experiences and I acknowledge what you are saying but I don’t know how much more this needs to go on for. You’ve voiced your opinion and that’s fine I accept that but this is getting way to much for me now.


      10. if i didnt seem to care, i wouldnt have left my comment. because i care, i wanted more information about the personal struggles that you deal with about the topic you are raising awareness for. and since knowing that you dont have what you are writing about, makes me questioned why are you writing it in the first place. that has nothing to do with with hating you or giving you hate, that is really understanding why you are writing a topic that you dont live with and why are you giving a textbook answer to it. which is why you have lost me and im still here wanting more on this topic.

        and your name on here is TimeToTalk, which to me is talking about what is happening around you, what you’re dealing with, and how is that helping other people out.

        and for me, giving a textbook answer to what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is, is not a form of talking.

        you’re not really interacting with your readers, so you really dont have “Time To Talk” if you give the “easy way out” and give us the textbook answer.


      11. I’m not going to keep going round in circles with this, I’m not looking for this to go on any more. At the end of the day you have chosen to comment on my post in which I have acknowledged, and I have said this. I’m sorry that you didn’t like this post you don’t have to read my posts in the future.

        My name on here is ‘timetotalk’ yes, I do talk about other things and have wrote about my personal experiences before in other posts .

        I am interacting with my readers, you don’t even know me you have never really interacted with me on twitter or on my blog posts.

        I interact with my readers more than you would know.

        This doesn’t need to go on any longer because it’s becoming pathetic and childish, so let’s just leave it. You don’t need to follow me or comment on my posts or write blog posts about me. You obviously don’t like what I write so just leave it alone.

        Hope everyone has a good weekend !!


      12. at the end of the day, you are the reason why i commented on your blog post, because you replied to a tweet of mine of going outside my comfort zone. so you should have already know why i dont interact on your blog posts, because i dont usually leave comments. and this is a reason why i dont leave comments, and you have very much proved that with your blog post in the comment section.

        and knowing that ive liked and retweeted more of your blog posts than you have of mine, i can say i do interact with you on twitter. i help bring you traffic. which is a huge part of having a blog and interacting with people, because more people will be seeing your blog. so you cant give me crap that i never really interacted with you on twitter or your blog posts. when i do interact with you on twitter. apparently, you forgot that you gave me a suggestion and i painted it.

        so i do interact with my readers more than you know, because you have forgotten that i do interact with you on twitter. and i do read your blog, because i was following it, and every time i retweeted you i read the post.

        because that is what i do, when people leave blog links, i actually read them, and i like and retweet them. the only thing i havent been doing is leaving comments. until this week, when i decided to go out of my comfort zone.

        i leave comments the same way, i write blog posts. and the short comments i make is how i usually reply on twitter.

        i am going to write blog posts on people that i interact with. i am going to share my side of the story that gets lost in translation when i leave comments. and im going to make everything personal, because that is what i do.

        i dont like one blog post, that doesnt mean i dont like the blog.

        i dont like onions, that doesnt mean i dont like fried onions, because i love fried onions. it just means i dont like certain kinds of onions, or the way that most onions are prepared.

        i dont like textbook answers as blog posts, that doenst mean i hate the blog or the person.


      13. Right ok who the hell do you think you are, you don’t let other people leave comments on your blog post because you don’t want negativity and yet you are more than happy to do that to someone else!!!


      14. who the hell do you think you are? you already have me summed up so that shouldnt be a surprise to you. and if you already know why i dont like receiving negativity youd know that my comments are far from the negativity that i receive.


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