what we want people to understand about mental health and mental health disorders

So as it’s mental health awareness week, which is from Monday 13th May to Sunday 19th May. Mental health awareness week is to raise awareness of mental health but also at the same time spreading more understanding about mental health. I wanted to ask some of my fellow bloggers and mental health community if they wanted to get a message across to people what message would it be. I thought I would do this blog post because for the people who actually suffer from mental health they find it hard to get a message across, so this post is for the messages to come across. So several different people replied to my tweet with what messages they want to get across, in which I can show you some of them.

So here are some messages –

1. Suicide is not a choice, nor is it a crime. I hate the term β€˜commit suicide’ b/c it sounds like a crime. Our bodies are hardwired to sustain life, hence why breathing isn’t a voluntary bodily function. When the brain can override that, it’s a crisis, not a choice. @Thepreppingwife

2. It doesn’t define who you are. Individuals will have mental health but mental health doesn’t have control over the individual. We are who we are, We are not our illnesses we all are individuals. @simplystepth_uk

3. That most of us are really good about “holding it together” and “faking it”… But doesn’t mean it’s all okay. @ Beth18g

4. That just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. @lovemetreatme

5. No two people’s mental health battles are the same. @paulmcg1994

6. My biggest pet peeve is when people think they found the ultimate cure cause they have been cured. People don’t realize it’s different for everyone. I’ve been trying to fight that battle for a long time. @twoturnthepage

7. I would like people to know that I am not lazy, stupid or seeking attention. I have a Mental Health Illnesses, and I am intelligent, hardworking and not seeking attention. I am worked very hard to be where I am today. I would also ask people to educate themselves about Mental Health Illnesses. @hu8390765

8. Not everybody’s experience is the same, even if they are suffering from the same problem! @wimwonderland

There are so many different messages here, in which we all need to take on board and read them because there are so many different parts of mental health people don’t understand and need a bit more of awareness around. Sometimes we all become a bit naive. There are so many different mental health conditions around that we could simply just not understand all of them and now all of the ins and outs of them, but we can try and understand them when people talk about them to us. Sometimes when we are struggling with an illness all we need is to talk to someone not to be judged or ashamed just a bit of understanding doesn’t go amiss sometimes.

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Until next time 😊


39 thoughts on “what we want people to understand about mental health and mental health disorders

  1. laurabooksandblogs

    That was such a good idea to get quotes from others struggling with mental health issues. I have a hard time talking about it myself, but I agree with all of the comments that are posted above.

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  2. tinkablee

    Thank you for sharing yet another great post. It always bothered me too the way people say ‘commit or committed suicide’…. it sounds so wrong and as though it’s something they wanted to do when that just isn’t the truth at all

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  3. mummyoverload

    Great post πŸ’œπŸ’œ I struggling talking I find it hard to trust people… So when I need to talk I bottle it up and then explode and go crazy at everything and everyone… Thank you for writing this post xx

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  4. As a fellow mental health advocate, I wholeheartedly agree with many of the comments you have obtained from others. Often family friends and those whom mental health does not directly impact, minimize mental illness to “just sad” or the like. I’m so glad you focused on this!

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  5. The Conflict Expert

    Hi Charlotte, thank you for sharing this insight with us. It’s important that people understand what mental health is and how it affects people. It is an ilness, just like any physical illness and it’s so brave of you to share your experience.

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  6. I read somewhere once that the reason suicide is classed as a crime in the US isn’t because they want to punish suicidal people but because for the police to legally force entry they need to believe a crime is being committed inside so it is to save lives.

    I wish more people would understand that you can have multiple mental illnesses and that it can be very complex to try and treat and they will often “off roll” you from services in the UK so they can meet they “cure” targets.

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  7. I absolutely agree with the first comment regarding suicide. My uncle took his own life 4 years ago this May. He was struggling immensely and it seemed as though he had gotten better, when he in reality had gotten worse. Unfortunately this is so often the case, and most people just can’t recognize the signs. It’s heart wrenching. He was so full of life, just like so many others who lost their fight. I remember my aunt saying the same thing “I hate the word committed, like he was a criminal.” He wasn’t. He was a father, a son, an uncle. A brother. A funny, talented, bright, loving individual… I’d like to believe the more that we acknowledge our demons, the more we vocalize our struggles AND successes, the easier it will be for more people to get help, to reach out, and HOLD ON.

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