Body image

What is body image?

Some people will not know what body image is and what it refers to, so just as a quick overview body image is how a person will see their body which includes the aesthetics of their body. They will look at themselves and compare their body to others because this is how society thinks they should look like. You may learn these traits by looking at yourself in a negative way through experiences through your childhood, your family and social media etc.

To be happy in your body, you need to learn to love your body because without learning how to love your body, you will always look at yourself and pick flaws. By learning to accept and love your body you will become someone you want to be instead of someone you don’t want to be.

Social media and body image –

Within the society we live in now, a lot of people Younger or older hate their bodies for several different reasons. One thing which doesn’t help with body image is the fact social media has a huge impact because it shows how we are supposed to look and what we are supposed to do to make ourselves all look the same. Social media can be a very negative influence because the norm of everyday life is by using social media, you get up in the morning look on social media, you get home from work/school you look on social media.

When looking through all of my different social media, I’ll be looking at all of these different accounts and thinking I wish I was like them, I wish I was thin like them or I wish I had that figure. I think it’s very rare if I ever think that I wish I wasn’t them.

When you are scrolling through your feed if it’s Instagram, twitter or Facebook you will be looking at all of these different individuals putting pictures up of themselves and comparing your self to them because you think your not good enough looking like you. But actually in reality you don’t realise that some of the ‘influencers’ who post these pictures are posting fake pictures and promoting stuff that they wouldn’t actually use.

My story with body image –

I’ve always hated my body, I think for me it wasn’t necessary down to what I thought about myself I think it’s more to do with the fact that it’s what other people think because your always waiting for what people are going to think of you and make a comment about your size.

For me personally, when you’re going through school especially high school you start learning more things and understanding more things. I would go on social media and see people saying that they were on a diet and they were doing loads of exercise to get fit and they’d be posting photos of what they look like. I would then look in the mirror and realise how disgusting I looked, I was overweight and fat, I had a chubby face load of rolls.

Nothing about myself I saw in the mirror I liked. At school I was bullied I would go into school and get told I was fat, I would never be able to go on a plane because it would go down if I was to get on it. All of these things made my confidence and self-esteem worse.

Even now when I’ve left school and everything there are constant reminders and how I look and I’m not how society imaged me to be. One of the toughest things for me is when I have had a bad day or something has happened all you want to do is get into bed and eat your body weight in food, well that was the case for me. I’d get home normally from school and most of the time through high school it was terrible especially when it came closer to exam time I would go shopping and buy a lot of food and just eat it which then I would terrible about after.

Self-esteem and body image –

All of this didn’t help with my self-esteem and body image, because some times you would have a great day and you would feel really good and then other times you would feel terrible and have a really bad day, and just overthinking everything. People will always say why don’t you just go on a diet? But sometimes it’s not that easy I’ve always struggled with diets but then when you don’t notice any difference you go downhill again.

I won’t lie because I’m doing this to raise awareness of things, body image will hugely affect your mental health if you are not happy with your body image. To this day I still don’t like how I look, but maybe in some small way, my story will help others who are also struggling.

If your struggling with your body image and mental health, please do not struggle alone please talk to someone. My DM’s are always open. You are okay as you are, you do not have to change for anyone.

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Until next time 😊

21 thoughts on “Body image

  1. Thank you for sharing this informative piece and mostly for sharing your story. I was bullied, too. For the same reasons. It’s a long way to learn how to love ourselves, but I believe you already took the most important step which is to start and to be on the lookout for answers🦋😉

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  2. womenundefined

    Thank you for posting this! Growing up I never understood why everyone around me was so happy with themselves and why I always hated how I looked, now I understand. Thank you for this amazing post!

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  3. Charlotte, you’re very brave and insightful and all while being so young. The fact that you have even recognized this is lightyears ahead of the generation before you. My brother tormented me about my weight as a child. I was always the tallest girl in class who had to shop in the “Pretty Plus” section at JcPenneys. How humiliating. Clothes, especially jeans, were made to fit tiny girls, not “thick” girls like myself. Let me tell you. I remember when that changed. I remember when they started making clothes that looked good for girls with curves. It was when JLo became famous. That beautiful Latina made my big booty game the best game in town. It’s funny how things change. One minute you’re the fat girl, the next minute you’re the sexy girl whenever society changes the channel. Anyway. It sounds like you are on track to getting it figured out. I wish I could tell you how to do that but I don’t know how it exactly happened to me. It just did. One day, I just didn’t give a shit anymore about what society cared about. I look at my big booty today and it’s not big anymore, it kinda sags, just the tiniest bit. But the difference today vs. 20 years ago is, I like her. She’s always there, always on my mind when I’m buying jeans….she’s a good one, that booty. So go look in the mirror now at that booty, she’s always there, she’s always got your back, and remember, there is no greater love than when you finally learn to love yourself.

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    1. Aww thankyou so much for all of your support it means so much. Sometimes it is so hard to ignore what everyone else thinks of you, but sometimes that’s the only you can do to help yourself move forward. I’m so glad you’ve been able to move forward and get on with your own life and be happy in your body. I relate to everything you have said, thankyou so much your comment has put a big smile on my face. Xx

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  4. Thanks for sharing your story. I too have struggled with body image, and while I was never bullied, I was definitely viewed as “less than” because of my weight. We need to spread the message that it’s what you do with the body you have that matters.

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  5. A lovely post on that thing that no one can get away from- their bodies. In a time when, as you say, body image is portrayed societally to be so important. More important than kindness and connection!
    Well this post feels like it is about kindness and connection.
    As someone with a messed up body image- Thank you.

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  6. Thanks so much for sharing! No matter what size my weight, I always seem to have an issue with the way I see myself. I work really hard to think nice things about myself, compliment myself and my strength and my health. No matter what, negative thoughts always seem to creep back in so it’s definitely always an ongoing struggle. I think it’s something many of us have a problem with.

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